SAP Volunteers Needed

06-Sep-2017 It is hurricane season and the gulf coast has already experienced one direct hit, which produced epic amounts of rainfall and flooding. Now, it appears that Florida, the east coast and possibly the gulf coast are in the sights of Irma, and there may be more storms behind it.

AIA Alabama and a number of other chapters and associations have sponsored Safety Assessment Programs (SAP) all across the country to train architects, engineers, fire marshals, building inspectors and others to provide this training. If you attended one of these courses and want to help should we be needed, please respond to this email and let us know if you can deploy. Please make sure you provide us with your best email address and cell phone number. It is imperative that we update our files so we can help coordinate SAP volunteers if called upon.

If you took the course, but have not updated your certification, you can visit the AIA web site at to take the refresher course online.

If you have not had any training, there are still opportunities to serve and work on a team with licensed, certified SAP evaluators.

Please respond today!

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