Job Information

Salary: TBA
Description: August 30, 2016

From the Office of Juan de Onis
Director of Program Planning
UAB Health System


The Facilities and Capital Projects Department on behalf of the University of Alabama Hospital is conducting the Architect selection process for the construction of a consolidated Infusion Center in the Kirklin Clinic.

Professional services include construction document preparation, plan review submittals to local and state agencies, bid/contract award and construction administration. If you would like to be considered for this Project, please provide three complete copies of your submission documentation for the Project to my office by the deadline shown. Minority and women-owned enterprises are encouraged to apply. Please include the following items in your packet:
• Letter of Interest
• Resumes of managing architect and proposed team that will be assigned to the project
• Statement of qualifications (include examples of similar projects completed by the firm)
• References from prior clients on similar type projects completed within the past five years

Significant local participation is required for both architectural and engineering services for firms outside the State of Alabama. If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Juan de Onis at (205) 934-2586 or by email at jdeonis@uabmc.edu, which is preferred.

Please note that all firms should refrain form contacting members of the Selection Committee as this could disqualify your firm from further consideration.

Thank you in advance for supporting UAB Hospital on this important Project.

Qualification Submittal Deadline: Friday, September 16, 2016.

Mail to: Physical Address
Juan de Onis 2020 Building
2020 Bldg 2020 University Boulevard
619 19th St S Birmingham, Al 35249
Birmingham, Al 35249

(205) 934- 2586

Project Name: Construction of Consolidated Ambulatory Infusion Center
5th Floor, Kirklin Clinic
University of Alabama Hospital

Estimated Construction Cost: $3,600,000

Project Description/Scope:

UAB Hospital is planning a project to consolidate the ambulatory infusion centers that are located across the campus into one location on the 5th floor of the Kirklin Clinic. The consolidated center will include all of the services needed to care for patients: infusion chairs, private infusion chairs, exam rooms, pharmacy, phlebotomy, patient waiting and other required support. The new center will have a patient centered design and use Lean methodologies to improve patient throughput and staff efficiency.

The new center is expected to occupy approximately 18,000 square feet of space. The space is currently ambulatory exam rooms and will require extensive demolition and new construction to make the space function for the Infusion Center. The space will be vacated in preparation for the construction; other ambulatory functions will continue to operate in adjacent space and below on the 4th floor. It is expected that much of the demolition and build back will be done after hours to minimize the disruption to patients and staff.

The Center will bring together multiple smaller infusion centers that are located on the downtown campus. The Center will be a Provider-Based Ambulatory Facility. It will contain up to 84 infusion chairs and a compounding pharmacy that will meet USP 797 and 800 Standards. The team will work with the end users, pharmacy, facilities team and administrative leaders to design a space that meets the varied needs of the patients and provides a comforting and healing environment.

Additional Information:

Company Information

Company Name: UAB Health System
City: Birmingham
State: Alabama

Contact Information

Name: Juan de Onis
Email: jdeonis@uabmc.edu
Phone: (205) 934- 2586